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What are the drop-off & pick-up procedures?

The gates to the school yard will be opened from 7:40 - 8:00 a.m. and from 3:00 - 3:30 p.m. This includes the Drachman and Olsen Street gates where you can simply drive up and drop-off/pick-up. To walk your child into the school yard, please park in the church lot and use the crosswalk on Adams Street to enter by the East Gramer lot gate. An adult crossing guard will be on duty at the crosswalk located on Adams Street and Norris Avenue. All students must cross the street at the crosswalk and obey the direction of the crossing guard. The north side of Drachman Street, the church parking lot, and Olsen Street, are the only acceptable places for dropping off or picking up your children.  Click Here to see the map

What if my child is tardy?

The school bell rings at 8:00 a.m. Students, who for any reason come to school after that time will be considered tardy, and must report to the person at the Registrar's desk before going to their classrooms. Records of tardiness are kept on the permanent record card of each student. Five (5) tardies are considered excessive and will warrant a detention regardless of excuse.

An email will be sent as a warning on the day of the 4th tardy. On the day of each successive tardy, a detention will be scheduled and served after school from 3:30pm - 4:15pm.

If my child is ill, whom do I call?

In the event that a student will be absent from school, parents are asked to report the absence to the school Attendance Line before 9:00 a.m. The number is 325-2431, option 1. If the absence is not reported, a telephone call will be made to the home or place of business to inquire about the absence. When calling, please be specific about the student’s symptoms; i.e. fever, nausea, etc.

Can I pick up assignments that my child misses?

Class/homework may be requested at the time that you call the Attendance Line to report your child's absence. Requests must be made prior to 10AM (Missed assignments may be made up in a day for day manner, not to exceed 5 days). Please be aware that homework is only available for pick-up at the Registrar's desk (not the classroom), and only at the end of the school day! Teachers may not be interrupted during class hours! Please be reminded that it is highly frowned upon to take your child out of school to go on a vacation. It makes it difficult for both the teacher and the student to do their jobs. Please plan accordingly.

Is there a lunch program and how does it work?

Hot lunches are available to the students each day. Order forms are sent home monthly and may be found on our website. Due dates are indicated on order forms. We suggest that you make a copy of your lunch order or mark your calendar with the dates you have selected to purchase lunch as the office does not keep a copy of your order and will not be able to assist you with answers regarding your selections.

If your children do not buy lunch, please remember to send a lunch with them! Refrigerators and microwave ovens are not available.

Students may also purchase milk. Parents are notified of the cost at the beginning of each year. Free milk is available for those who qualify. Application for free milk is available at the school office. Sodas are not an acceptable drink. Water and fruit juices are loved by the children!

What happens if my child forgets their lunch?

We will do our best to provide each child who might forget a lunch with something. Usually we will have a supply of granola bars, cheese crackers, and fruit cups.  Absolutely, be assured, that we will not let a child be hungry!

How can I make my child's birthday special?

After receiving permission from your child's teacher you may bring a healthy snack for your child to share with the class. The Wellness Policy of the Diocese, which is modeled completely from the State of Arizona, mandates that snacks must be nutritious.

If you are planning a party for your child, please do not give out invitations at school unless you are inviting the entire class. Children's feelings are easily hurt should they be left out. Please be sensitive to this.

What is a closed campus?

Saints Peter and Paul School has a closed campus policy. Throughout the school day all entrances are secured. Students are not allowed to leave school before dismissal time unless an identified adult accompanies them. When it is necessary for a student to leave school early, parents must contact the school office in writing or by telephone the morning of the day of early dismissal.

Parents or other authorized persons must stop at the school office to sign out the student.

Parents or designated adults picking up students from the school must sign them out.

After 3:00 p.m., in an emergency, supervisors can be reached at 325-2431 Option 4. Please refer to your Parent/Student Handbook for further information.

Why is Friday dismissal at 12:30 pm?

Early dismissal each Friday is for teacher professional development. This is the time that teachers attend meetings, continuing education classes, conduct conferences, etc...

Are there after school programs that my child can become involved in?

SSPP has many after school program opportunities available to your child. The after school sports programs for students in grades 5 through 8 include volleyball, basketball, and track. Chess is available to students in grades 3 through 8. Scouting is offered to all students from 1st grade through 8th grade. SSPP also has the privilege of having a Piano School, which offers both group and private lessons.

How do I avoid the Lost & Found?

Students are required to put their names on items of clothing. Lunch containers must be marked with student's name and room number. The lost and found is located under the Ramada. It is the table with all of the lunch boxes and sweatshirts! Periodically, unclaimed items will be sent for cleaning and then donated to a charitable organization that will be thrilled to receive them!

Can we bring our new dog for everyone to see?

Bringing your adorable pet to school is not permitted. Due to liability reasons and potential allergy issues, pets are not allowed on school grounds at any time.

What is the fingerprinting process and why do we have to do it?

In order to comply with the Diocese of Tucson Guidelines for Protecting our Children, you are required to be fingerprinted and have a background check. If you are not on the list of those who have been cleared, you will not be eligible to volunteer. Volunteer packets are available at Pay Day and in the school office with all the necessary directions. Fingerprinting is available on Pay Day. It is a really quick and easy process! For the security of our students it is repeated every five (5) years. Volunteers are also required to attend a safe environment meeting each school year.

How can I become involved?

There are a great many ways to become involved at SSPP. When you enroll your child at SSPP you are also enrolling yourself with an influential group of people known as The Parents Association! Each and every parent at SSPP is a part of this association and chooses how much or how little to become involved. The PA meets at 6 PM the 2nd Monday of each month in Gramer Hall. Overall the PA is a group of parents who put their heads together to come up with ways to earn money for the greater good of our school. Everyone is invited and we look forward to welcoming you!

How do I make sure that I get those 68 hours of parental commitment?

Your Parental Commitment can be fulfilled in a number of ways. Primarily, we ask that families fulfill their Parental Commitment by providing a minimum of sixty-eight (68) hours (65 regular commitment hours and 3 Fun Day hours) of volunteer time to the school over the course of the year. The Parental Commitment year begins May 1st and ends April 30th. Parents who are unable to fulfill their commitment through volunteer time may provide support for the school through the contribution of goods or services to the school. The Parental Commitment Committee will determine hourly credit for donated goods or services. The value is normally set at $10.00 = 1 hour. If working or disabled parents find it impossible to be physically present at the school during school hours or during after-school activities, they may work on projects at home and send the finished project to school. Our goal is to make the system flexible enough to meet the needs and schedules of all parents.


Examples of activities that parents may become involved in include playground supervision, hot lunch program, assistance with: Family Mass, raffles, library, classroom, field trips, fund raisers, coaching, Math tutoring, individual student instruction when needed, Health Week, ground and building maintenance, carpentry, electrical work, painting, plumbing, construction, sewing, cooking and baking. Parents, brothers or sisters, family friends, grandparents, aunts or uncles are all welcome to volunteer hours for a specific student. Children who are currently enrolled at Saints Peter & Paul School are not eligible to help. A number of specific jobs are described in your Parental Commitment Handbook. These will give you an idea of what can be done to help you fulfill your hours. If you do not find anything that piques your interest or is compatible with your schedule and skills, you may pursue one of the following approaches to identify a task to fulfill your obligation:


Buy Gift cards! Receive 1 hour for every $100.00 you purchase!

Contact a teacher to see if he or she needs help. Call the school office or appropriate activity Coordinator to see if yard monitors, hot lunch servers, crossing guards, etceteras, are needed.

Join a committee. We need committee members for Casino Night, Walk-a-thon, The Golf Classic, Fun Day and building / grounds improvements, handy persons, etc.

What are Gift cards?

Gift cards are basically a voucher or gift card that is purchased through the school. Gift cards are available for virtually anything you purchase on a regular, everyday basis. For example; grocery stores, gas stations, movie theaters, Home Depot, Lowes, hundreds of restaurants, department stores and so much more. When you purchase gift cards from SSPP school, the vendor "kicks back" a percentage to your school. So, as an example, let's say you are going to Safeway to spend $100.00. Plan ahead, buy $100.00 worth of Safeway gift cards at SSPP and then Safeway will pay your school $4.00 and you will get one hour of parental commitment credit! Everyone eats, wears clothes, buys gas, etc... Gift cards are a win - win for everyone! Gift cards are made available for purchase through the school office, Friday mornings under the Ramada, and after every Mass. Please purchase Gift cards!

Contact the Commitment Coordinator and ask what you can do.

Is it okay for me to bring my preschooler with me when I volunteer?

Unfortunately, due to liability reasons, we cannot allow preschoolers to be on campus during school hours. Please refer to your Parental Commitment Handbook to review the many opportunities to earn commitment hours both on and off campus.

So, what exactly is Fun Day and what do I need to do?

Fun Day is the single largest fund-raising event that is hosted by the Parents Association. Fun Day is a family event with something for everyone. Games, food, contests, silent auction, talent show, entertainment, and fun! Every family at SSPP is required, as part of their Parental Commitment, to work for 3 hours on Fun Day, in some capacity. Each family will be contacted by their child's Room Parent to coordinate assignment and time. Sign-up sheets to volunteer for various activities will be available during Pay Day. A PA member will also be available to answer your questions. Our children really look forward to Fun Day and the event raises upwards of $30,000 annually.

What is Pay Day?

Pay Day is the day for paying book and other fees. You may also purchase school uniforms, assignment books, and order lunch milk for the entire year.

Pay Day provides an opportunity to find out more information on many SSPP related activities and policies, such as after school sports, Piano School, Chess club, etc... You can pick up your fingerprinting packet and Nurse Maggie will be available to answer your health questions.

Pay Day is also the day to peruse the many opportunities available to your family for earning those commitment hours!

Parents Association members will be on hand to guide you and answer your questions regarding the different ways you can become involved with your child's education.

When does my child go to Mass?

The student body attends Mass on every Friday and on special feast days during the year, which are outlined on your school calendar. There is Communal Penance twice a year. Kindergarten through Grade 8 assists at weekly Mass on assigned days. Parents are always welcome to attend school Masses with the Student body. Non-Catholic students are expected to attend Mass; however, they may not receive the Sacraments, but are always welcome to come forward and receive a special blessing.

What is the SSPP Dress Code?

Saints Peter and Paul School's dress code reflects our view that a standardized, attractive, tidy uniform is of value. Such attire is an outward sign of our pride in education in our Catholic identity and values, in our school, faculty, staff, and student body. Students wearing something other than the uniform visibly separate themselves from the student body.

Oversize shirts, pants or shorts will not be permitted. Uniforms are to be clean and in good repair. Shirts are to be tucked in at all times for both boys and girls. Walking shorts are to be to the knee length for girls and boys.

For a complete description of the dress code policy, read the Saints Peter & Paul Parent\Student Handbook

Can my child bring his cell phone or other personal electronic device to school?

Personal electronic devices include any cell phones, iPods, iPads or gaming devices. Bringing electronic devices to school is extremely discouraged and they may be confiscated. Cell phones must be turned into the classroom teacher at the start of each school day. They will be returned to the student at the end of each school day.

What forms of payment does the school accept?

SSPP accepts cash, checks, money orders, Visa, & MasterCard for all tuition payments, books, fees, etc... Gift cards, must be purchased with cash, check or money order. Online payments include tuition, registration, and other fees required by Saints Peter & Paul School.

Where can I find out more information?

Each family receives a Parent /Student Handbook. Please take the time to read it. The handbook provides answers. All school related information is continually being updated. Read your Parental Commitment Handbook. This is a very valuable tool. Use it!

Become involved. Volunteering at school is one of the most valuable gifts you can give to your child. They love to see their mom or dad at school...no matter what they say.




1436 N Campbell Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone: (520) 325-2431

School Office Hours

Mon. - Thur.: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed



1436 N Campbell Avenue

Tucson, AZ 85719

Phone: (520) 325-2431

School Office Hours

Mon. - Thur.: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Friday: 8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed


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